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It is a popular misconception that Wedding Planners are a luxury and a concept extraordinary.But we can assure you that nowadays it isn’t true.

Each of our customers is now convinced of our absolute necessity.

All of our clients have seen us as an absolute necessity and there are some of the reasons :

  • To save you money

Through our connections, network we can in fact save you money and help you stay within budget, so in effect the cost of using our services is dramatically reduced.
We have negociated best costs.
A wedding is undeniably an expensive occasion where costs can easily escalate.
With Talent Events, each expense will be under our control.

  • To save you time

Planning a wedding is a complex task and it’s easy for couples to under-estimate the time it actually takes.
It’s also incredible to imagine time you spend during explanations, negotiations (phone, internet, direct visit) with different partners.
And find perfect suppliers that fit your budget and taste will not be found in a single, a single search.

  • To alleviate stress

With the experience of Talent Events, you will be confident in choosing reliable and high calibre suppliers, selecting the best and appropriate choice for you.
During this occasion you don’t want to look back or be disappointed on the day.
You can trust in our experience, during your wedding you need more as a partner you need a strong support.

To sum up, we will say that Talent Events can save you time, money and lots of stress.

Talent Events will transform your dreams into reality.

Talent Events will be the Master of Ceremonies.

In concrete terms, we can start the organization of your wedding with your families, your friends, your witnesses.

How we proceed?

We will define according to your criteria :

  • Budget
  • Location
  • Number of guests
  • Theme (eventually)

Talent Events will be responsible (choice to be determined) :

  • Invitations
  • Vehicle
  • Speeches married
  • Host, Disc jockey, Band
  • Stands for children and animations
  • Catering
  • Location of the cocktail, if different the place for the dinner

Talent Events is always close to you, we listen to you, and we will be your inspirer, your advisor to achieve your dreams.